We will be celebrating the Week of Respect next week. It is important to not only respect one another but to also respect your environment. Read More
  • D.E.A.R. Time

    Every morning PCSST's 2-6 graders part take in D.E.A.R. Time, (Drop Everything and Read)! It is a great activity to promote the benefits of reading, Read More
  • Admin Breakfast

    The administration of k-6 gave a delicious breakfast for its staff and teachers on Friday morning. There were bagels, donuts, fruits, and other home cooked Read More
  • International Day of Peace

    Today we are celebrating the International Day of Peace. Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on September 21. The Read More
  • Parent Database Workshop

    This workshop was for parents, who would like to use our SIS Database system to access to a full range of real-time information on their Read More
  • Online Application OPENED

    PCSST 2015-2016 Online Student Enrollment Application is available for parents. K-6 Online Student Enrollment Application 7-12 Online Student Enrollment Application Read More
  • Back To School Night

    PCSST held its back to school night this week, for grades K-3 on Tuesday, and grades 4-6 on Thursday evening. The school adorned its hallways Read More
  • Remembering 9/11

    Based on the age group of their classes, PCSST teachers discussed remembrance of 9/11.  Students brainstormed ideas for acts of kindness they could perform as Read More
  • Remembering 9/11

    Presidential Proclamation -- Patriot Day and National Day of Remembrance Read More
  • Morning Routine Change

    Starting Monday September 8, 2014 we are changing our morning routine. From now on students in Kindergarten – 3rd grades will enter our school through Read More
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